While PATTERN IMPRINTED CONCRETE will give you many years of trouble free service, with a little care and attention you can increase its life and appearance by taking note of the following DO's and DON'TS.

  • DON'T use chlorine type shampoos on the paving
  • DON'T use salt during winter months to thaw surface ice
  • DON'T use chemical concrete cleaners on the surface
  • DON'T worry about white salts appearing on the surface. It is a chemical leeching called efflorescence and is present to a degree in all concrete and brickwork. Though initially unsightly it will fade.
  • DO contact us for advice. We are the experts; not your friend, neighbour or DIY Store.
  • DO wipe any spills of oil, petrol, or solvent up immediately
  • DO contact us between 12-18 months to have your paving resealed. It will enhance its appearance and minimise surface dusting, thereby increasing its life.